When flashing a smile for the camera, the last thing you want to see are yellow teeth. In this generation, pearly white teeth are coveted and highly desired.

There are countless of products advertised to promise you a smile that is as white as snow. However, some products may do more long-term damage on your teeth. It is important to understand the reasons the teeth are yellowing and determining the best whitening option.

Why are my Teeth Changing Color?

There are many causes for yellowing teeth. One of the most common culprits is food and drinks. Coffee, tea, and wine are major causes for stains on the teeth. Tobacco use will also add to stains. Inevitably, age plays a large role since the enamel on teeth will gradually get thinner from brushing and the yellowish dentin will begin to show. Dentin is the yellowish soft part of the tooth located under the enamel. Different types of medications can also play a role in yellowing teeth–antihistamines and antipsychotic are examples (Whitening: 5 Things to Know About Getting a Brighter Smile, n.d.).

Natural Methods to Whitening Teeth

The best method for naturally whiter teeth is prevention. It is important to always brush after drinking or eating; this may be difficult as it requires a constant diligence. Therefore, it is best to avoid drinking too much coffee, soda, or tea and to avoid smoking cigarettes. Baking soda and hydrogen peroxide are great gum cleaners and will keep the mouth free of germs in addition to helping remove plaque from the teeth. Either brushing or swishing coconut oil after brushing has also shown promising results, also known as oil pulling. Natural methods of whitening the teeth should be tried before any teeth-whitening products since no damage to the enamel will occur.

Teeth-Whitening Products and Solutions

There are many teeth-whitening products and treatment solutions on the market today. While some show promising results, the damage to the teeth may be more severe than realized. Whitening strips are one of the most popular whitening methods. However, constant application of these strips will gradually strip away the enamel of the teeth, which leads erosion and increased sensitivity. White teeth will not be achieved immediately and requires discipline. While there are products for whitening that may serve as a solution, these options may be doing more damage than help. Dentists always recommend whitening products to be used in moderation. Eating healthy food and brushing before going to bed are simple acts that can help whiten the teeth naturally.  

White teeth are a result of healthy gums and diligent dental care. It is important to visit a dentist regularly to ensure the best smile. Contact North Peak Dental at (970) 658-1142 to make an appointment today. Located in Fort Collins, Colorado North Peak Dental will help determine the best dental care plan to give you the whitest smile possible.

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